Transition Mentoring

Connecting and supporting young rural people

We believe having a mentor can make a big difference in life. The purpose of the Youthrive Victoria Mentoring Program is to ensure young rural Victorians are well supported in life after school.

We want people to be supported and connected as they study, train and develop their careers.

Mentors provide help and advice to the mentee in relation to studies, courses, training and other life skills. They can check in on wellbeing and can direct mentees to resources and support networks. They can assist in goal setting and managing study, training, work or adult life.

A mentoring relationship is a partnership where both people can learn. A mentor can be like a buddy, or they can have a more formal role. Our unique program encourages mentors and mentees to work out the type of relationship that will work for them.

Mentoring can take place face-to-face or through any form of technology that suits both people. Mentors and mentees participate in a brief training workshop and Youthrive Victoria staff are available to provide additional advice and support.

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