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Helpful tips!

Before you apply for a scholarship

Check relevance & if you are eligible. Carefully reading the selection criteria will help you with this.

Create a checklist of scholarships, note down when the applications open and close. Check off once you have applied and note down when they will be notifying successful applicants

Youthrive Victoria offer both Tafe and University scholarships you may be allegeable for

Some other scholarships can be found on our opportunities page.

Helpful tips when applying for a scholarship.

Read questions & prepare answers – save them for future applications but ensure the responses are tailored to each question!

Think about the scholarship you are applying for and the ways that you align with the organization

Be aware & gather supporting documents

Be honest and deeply consider your motivations for why/what you are studying.


Proofing your work – get someone to proof-read it, read out loud or use programs like Grammarly 


Some tips from past year 12 students

Get organised
Keep a diary, look ahead at what is happening each term and note down due dates for assignments, in class assessments and exams. Us this to plan you weeks and days and spread out you homework and study load.

When studying
Take breaks – don’t just go on tiktok, get outside, do something you enjoy.

Stay active! Its easy to accidently sit for hours at a time but regular breaks for physical activity (be is a walk around the block or playing a team sport will help you be more productive.

Set some boundaries. No one can study 24 hours a day! What are the times you are going to keep for yourself?

The Night before an Exam
Be organised , know the time & location of the exam

Have your bag packed & pencil case sorted & know what you can/can not have with you in the exam

Do something relaxing (watch a movie, have a bath)

Sleep! Resting is one of the best things you can do to increase you alertness and brain function before an exam

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