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#ruralstories “I think something that I’m a big believer in is taking chances and chasing opportunities. Opportunities don’t just come to you.

You can be in a bit of a bubble in a rural town, and it can be really uncomfortable to push yourself and go out and socialise with other people. It’s not as easy to network outside of your community.

The best decision I ever made was going on a rural young people’s camp, not knowing a single person and meeting a bunch of other rural kids who have that shared experience of being from the middle of nowhere. It was just so good.

It made me think differently about how I can help my community. And also partially inspired me to sort of want to do this youth work as well.

After camp, COVID hit; which was annoying. But The Rural Youth Network helped me stay connected. We did some check-ins like well-being Wednesdays.

I ended up applying for a Rural Youth Network job so now I’m working as an Engagement Leader, which is so much fun! What we do and what we have to offer young people is also really important in this time, as people are creating new social connections after a few hard years.

I think a lot of us have missed a core year of growth and connection with COVID and stuff. We’ve been quite isolated. So I think this is a really good opportunity for young country kids to meet other country kids all over Vic.

Whether that’s in rural towns or if you’re moving to Melbourne and you’re scared and you don’t know anyone, we have all these amazing amazing country kids who are willing to make friends and to socialise with other people.”

– Steph

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