Yeah, Nah Workshop

‘Yeah, Nah’ is an affirmative consent project by YACVic Rural’s Southern Mallee team focused on making sure young people know that true affirmative consent is given in the moment, not hours before.

This workshop aims to build the capacity of young people (aged 12-25 years) to understand affirmative consent, including respect and empathy in healthy relationships, through workshops facilitated by our trained Young Peer Educators. YACVic is a child safe organisation.  

This workshop will include 

  • What is true affirmative consent?

  • When is someone old enough, aware enough, safe enough to actually give consent?

  • How taking care of yourself and your partner = ethical consent.

Through attending this workshop participants will have the chance to ask the weird, awkward or curious questions in a comfortable and safe environment that is free from judgement and supportive of giving them information on anything they may be unsure of. 

Content warning: this workshop includes discussions of sexual violence

Date: May 13, 24 – 4:00pm to 6:00pm

Location: YO Bendigo, 45 Mundy St, Bendigo 3550