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CM Hocking Scholarship (Hereford Cattle)

Applications for the CM Hocking Scholarship will open 1 July 2024

The CM Hocking Memorial Scholarship:

Herefords Australia invites applications for the 2024 CM Hocking Memorial Scholarship from 1 July 2024. Applications will be considered from Australian citizens who are undertaking a course of study that will be applied to the breeding and management of Hereford cattle and/or will be of benefit to the Australian Hereford breed.

The scholarship entails a once off payment of up to $5000 which is to go towards the successful applicant’s study expenses.

Applications are to include the following:

  • Resume containing:
  • Personal details including name of course and place of study
  • Education and employment history (if applicable)
  • Contact details of two (2) referees
  • Document addressing the following questions:
  1. Briefly outline two challenges that the Hereford breed currently faces and discuss ways that Herefords Australia, breeders, and other stakeholders can address these challenges. (max. 350 words)
  2. Discuss two opportunities and two challenges for the wider Australian beef industry in 2024. (max. 350 words)
  3. We often hear the supply chain described as “from paddock to plate”. However, the consumer is king, which leads us to understanding market demand more as plate to paddock – consumers are first and foremost.
    Outline your understanding of food consumers and what that means for food production and the beef supply chain in Australia. (max. 350 words)
  • A short video (max 3-minutes) of yourself. Tell us about you, your background and experience, why you have applied for the scholarship, and what you hope to get out of the opportunity. (Please provide video as a link e.g. YouTube, Dropbox, Sharefile etc, do not attach video file directly to email.)

Applicants may be required for interview which is normally conducted by telephone/Zoom.

Applications close at 5pm on 30 September 2024 and must be emailed to