About the Rural Youth Network

Would you like to meet more people, learn new things, navigate challenges and share interests and opportunities with other young people? Then join the Rural Youth Network!

Its purpose is to build a sense of community and connection for young rural and regional Victorians (aged 18-30) to expand social networks and provide access to useful resources and opportunities. We want all young people to have good lives and for rural communities to be thriving.

We are building a new type of community where the best of your local community is blended with the best of online opportunities. Our goal is for rural and regional communities to benefit from having connected, resilient and informed young people ready to contribute to their communities with 21st century approaches to problem solving and community development.

Youthrive Victoria is a charity with the vision that Victorian rural and regional communities will be thriving with strong input from skilled, resilient and motivated young people.

Youthrive Victoria’s purpose is to strengthen rural communities by supporting young people to be leaders. Its mission is to collaborate with partners, donors, communities and alumni in delivering services to young rural Victorians that assist them to develop their personal, professional and leadership capacities.

Our Values

Youthrive Victoria is distinguished by the following beliefs, principles and behaviors:

We support rural and regional communities through all our activities

We empower young people by providing opportunities and connections

We respect individuals, communities and the environment

We build strong partnerships with individuals, communities and organisations

We facilitate the use of technology to tackle long term issues in new ways

We research purposefully and strategically in partnership with others

We collaborate creatively and imaginatively to achieve our mission

We ensure environmental sustainability in everything we do and promote

What is required to join?

You need to be connected to rural/regional Victoria (home, work, study, interests)

For full access to the site you need to be 18-30 years old.
If you are under 18 or over 30 you can still contact us to ask questions, express interest or offer support.


We care about your safety...